This is how we made
the ostrich Cardholder

Nowadays, we have less and less cards (credit cards, phone cards, business cards …) to haul around.
We wanted to design a simple cardholder that would hold the cards we still need.
It all came together when we found the perfect leather for this project : a fresh and flashy green embossed ostrich leather.
Then we thought : let’s do this! And we got to work.


Cyan leather dye

To protect the edges of the leather, and to create a perfect finish,
quality oriented makers usually use 4 - 5 layers of dye.
We decided to apply 7 for even better durability and a cleaner look.


From traditional machines...

We tried several shapes and sizes, bigger, smaller, with and without lining.
We finally settled for a clean, straight forward design: 3 pockets with our signature striped cotton lining on the inside.

Null high-end technologies

We then put the cardholder in the laser machine to get the Striiiipes logo engraved in the leather.


Deep blue dye

The final step, is to dip half the cardholder in the cyan dye,
to visually enhance the texture of the leather and the imprint of the logo.


Almost ready

For this piece, we wanted to give as much attention to the finishing touches as we did to crafting the leather parts of the cardholder.
We used a Striiiipes cyan dye not only to protect the edges but to be an integral part of the design.



We lined each of the 3 pockets with our signature Striiiipes cotton fabric.
This cardholder is meant to be used everyday, so we used it everyday to ensure that the dye,
the leather and your cards won’t budge

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